Prepare for an iPad Mini This Month

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We're not certain it is coming this month, but we might as well get ready now because "people with knowledge of the situation" claim Apple suppliers have started production of a "new tablet computer smaller than the current iPad," reports The Wall Street Journal's Lorraine Luk. At 7.85-inches, compared to the current 9.7 inch iPad models, that sounds like the iPad Mini the rumorers told us we might get during the iPhone 5 debut. We can't fully trust these mysterious unnamed sources, per usual, but at the end of August AllThingsD "confirmed" (again with some anonymous whisperers) that Apple would hold a separate event in October to announce the littler iPad. October is now, and we have yet to get an invitation, which usually comes out about a week before go-time. But, more rumors say they will come one week from today on October 10. As it's only the beginning of the month, we will continue to mentally and physically prepare to hold a shrunken down iPad 2. 

Other than timing (soon) and screen-size (smaller), the rumormongers haven't given us too many details about what to expect from Apple. (Which is very much different than the iPhone 5 launch, at which point we already knew exactly what the phone would look like.) The people who say they know these things, expect a cheaper tablet, with a 7.85-inch liquid-crystal display with a lower resolution. Some say it will be thinner. Others speculate the inside will be like the iPad 2.  And, maybe it will have one of those smaller dock connectors, too? In any case, we'll be prepared. 

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