Mitt Romney Google Bombed Himself

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Mitt Romney has managed to achieve something other politicians only got after having cajoled pranksters into doing it for them: He has his very own Google bomb... that he created himself. A Google image search of the term "completely wrong" brings up images of Romney, implying that his face most represents "completely wrong." Romney is not the first politician to get his name associated with something unsavory on Google—Rick Santorum and George W. Bush had bombs of their own. But, unlike those men, Romney did it to himself, as this is not an intentional Google bomb, a Google spokesperson told Slate's Will Oremus. The search results, instead, are the result of Romney's comments last week about the 47 percent. "I said something that’s just completely wrong," he told Fox News last week. The massive media coverage of that statement has pushed his face to the top of Google Image's results. And it will stay there until the Internet stops talking about it. Of course, the bomb itself makes the likelihood of that happening any time soon low. 


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