It's a Baby Boy for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer had a baby boy last night, according to a tweet by her hubby Zachary Bogue. Because, yes, that's how we find out about things now:

We'll be monitoring Bogue's Twitter profile, for the baby name and weight (and we promise to only allot ourselves one Yahoo! pun per post), but for now that's all we have. As Business Insider's Nicholas Carlson's notes, Mayer didn't take time off for the delivery and worked through last week—she even briefed employees about her plan for Yahoo's future on Tuesday (yes that's less than a week before giving birth). In July, when Mayer was picked to become Yahoo's CEO, Fortune's Patricia Sellers had noted Mayer's baby was due on October 7, and at the time Mayer, being the workhorse she is, stated she planned to work throughout her brief maternity leave. "I like to stay in the rhythm of things," Mayer said in the Fortune report. "My maternity leave will be a few weeks long and I'll work throughout it."

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