How Foxconn Gets Away with Not Paying Workers

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Life at Foxconn isn't always so bad, then again, there are times when the electronics manufacturer tricks its employees into making less money than they deserve. Even though the factory raised wages twice this year to $632 per month, it is finding ways not to actually shell out that amount. Just in time for iPad Mini day tomorrow: Reuters TV enlightens us to these lovely practices. For example, the iPhone maker forced workers to swap weekend with weekday shifts to avoid paying overtime, a worker told Reuters TV. Without those extra high paid hours, the employee was left with $112, according to pay stubs he gave Reuters. He only approached the $600 mark when production ramped up for the iPhone 5, giving him more work, as the chart below shows.

Reductions in overtime were promised as part of reforms at the factory, which upset workers who claimed they needed the money. While the weekend swap anecdote seems to fall in line with that promise, it only works if that comes in tandem with higher wages, which as you can see above, it has not.

That same worker also claimed the company said it would include food and accommodation, but then later deducted money from his paycheck. And others claimed having to work overtime with no pay at all. Watch the full Reuters report from Foxconn below. 

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