Here Are Some Very Convincing Photos of the iPad Mini

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Apple is supposed to release a smaller iPad this month and 9to5Mac researcher Sonny Dickson has posted a series of convincing photos to Instagram and Twitter of the device, which he alleges are leaked photos, not mockups, of what we will see in the coming weeks. Above you can see the smaller, supposed 7.85-inch screen size, placed on top of the regular iPad, as well as the aluminum casing it is supposed to have. Also, as the Instagram picture below shows, this 32 GB model has that same little Lightning Dock connector as the iPhone 5, which is one of the expectations for all iDevices going forward, including the Mini.


In the next two photos, the small dock connector again, which is the same size as the one on the new iPhone 5.

As always with Apple rumors, it's possible these are just mockups based on rumors and fantasies—it would be very unlike Apple to let a leak out like this. Though, the company does seem a bit less concerned with secrets since Steve Jobs left. Invites to the Apple event are supposed to go out this week. 

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