A Guide to All the iPad Mini Rumors

At its "little" themed event this afternoon Apple will likely debut the iPad Mini (working title), a device the rumormongers have talked up for years.

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At its "little" themed event this afternoon, Apple will likely debut the iPad Mini (working title), a device the rumormongers have talked up for years. Unlike the iPhone 5, about which the tech world's whisperers pretty much knew everything, this device is a little more mysterious. That, of course, hasn't stopped the rumormongers from talking to their unnamed sources to piece together an image of this afternoon's new toy. They are all a chatter, as usual. To get the best idea of what will come out of Tim Cook's mouth today, we have compiled these predictions of our blogger rumormongers. Not because they talked to Cook himself, but because they are all we have to go off of as we wade through the secretive world of Apple product launches. And, honestly, last time they delivered.

Below, we have put together what the bloggers told us to expect from their rumor roundups. This time, though, we've added a column that, as near as we could tell, is the original source of the rumor (under the "Original Rumorer" column) giving an idea of how one of the many possibilities flying around the mill turns into a believable almost-fact. From that, we think we can get a good idea of what to expect today. So, without further ado, we present the most likely of all iPad Mini rumors:

As you can see in the chart above, there is one thing all our techies can agree on: The 7.85 inch display. That's smaller than the 9.7 inch iPads before it, but still bigger than Google's Nexus or Amazon's Kindle Fire, Apple's two baby tablet competitors. To get the screen to a Steve Jobs approved size, some believe Apple will adjust the design, making the side-bezel (the place to put your hands) thinner, something that was much debated on the tech blogs this summer. Many of our rumorers also think the iPad will be lighter, and thinner, which means it can't have the fancy souped-up insides of the newest iPad, housing the same chip as the iPad 2 instead. Without the more powerful processor, our bloggers don't think it will support the nice Retina display of the new iPad either.

We'll get the actual rundown from Cook this afternoon, at which point we will grade our rumormongers on their predictive abilities. Until then, we don't doubt the Internet will stop guessing what the event will hold. We've already gotten some intel from Google that along with this Mini iPad (or whatever it will be called) there will be smaller MacBook Pros with Retina Displays. Happy iPad Mini day!

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