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Today Rebecca Greenfield posted what appear to be leaked images of the highly anticipated iPad Mini, which prompted one of our Apple-phobic commenters to roll his eyes in comment form. Tito Swiñeflu rants:

Why do we never see breathless stories about leaked pictures of the new Crest "Extra Whitening" toothpaste package, now with more sparkle? That story would have just as much impact on my life as this or any other excitable shilling for some random product. ...

I say this with heartfelt sincerity. Please stop publishing apple's marketing castoffs and pretending it's news. I'd rather read a toothpaste tube.

We understand that the run-up to Apple product launches often seem overly feverish, tito. Really we do. But even if you couldn't care less, tons of gadget fiends have been waiting a long time to drool over these images. Here's the good news, though! If you're looking for what matters now in the world of oral hygiene, boy have we got a blog for you to follow. Be sure to add Mouthing Off to your RSS reader so you can get the scoop on edible dentures, wearable toothbrush accessories, and "The Toothbrush That Saved a $100 Billion Space Station."


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