Facebook's Making More Money Off Ads

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Facebook's new advertising strategies are working for them, with the company's earnings report showing an accelerated year-over-year ad revenue growth of 36 percent. This quarter Facebook made $1.09 billion in revenue from selling you to advertisers, with 14 percent of that coming from mobile. All of that is good news for the company considering that Facebook had a hard time convincing Wall Street it could make money from ads, especially as people are using their smartphones to access the Internet more than ever. That's an issue many tech companies are having these days, as The New York Times's Claire Cain Miller discussed today. Last quarter Facebook implemented a variety of new revenue generators, including the Facebook Exchange, Custom Audiences, and that program with Datalogix that matches offline purchasing habits with online users. All of that together appears to have worked, and unsurprisingly, the market is happy—Facebook's stock is up almost 10 percent in after-hours trading.

Update 6:00 p.m.: Expect to see a lot more advertising, everywhere. Rather than just sell advertising on the side, Zuckerberg explains the the company has each team working on different strategies for their respective platforms.

We've told every product team they're responsible for the advertising experience for each of their products. What we're seeing is across each of these consumers products, we're getting more tailored. Whether it's a news feed or the mobile apps that we're building or Timeline, we're going to see a lot better product for users and advertisers.

It's coming. 

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