Creeps of Reddit Will Not Go Quietly

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Just when Reddit looked like it had gained some ground in its war on creeps, with the admin ban of the subreddit Creepshots and its creepily-named moderator, the creeps have found a new place to roost. Though neither Creepshots nor its successor CreepSquad are back, the subreddits CandidFashionPolice and CShots have popped up as replacements, writes Jezebel's Katie J.M. Baker. Though the first one instructs posters to talk like a "sassy diva" Baker says it's "very clear that they're creepshots in disguise." Parsing the posts on CandidFashionPolice, we see a lot of women in tight shirts and short shorts who don't know they are having their photo taken. Many of the posts on the subreddit Cshots come from a cheeky user named WOMENS RIGHTS ACTIVIST who posts photos of bikini wearing women with captions like: "FACT: There's no expectation of privacy when you're scuba-diving in the ocean." We'd have to agree with Baker: These are the spawn of Creep Shots. But these creeps should know that just as they have managed to find a place on the Internet, Predditors, the Tumblr that polices these people, is back up and running. What is happening on Reddit is not staying on Reddit. You guys know how that story ends right? 

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