Microsoft Disappoints the Media: 'They Brought People Together for ... This?'

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So Microsoft had a big fancy event in which they described everything we already knew about Windows 8 and the Surface tablet, without any Foo Fighters or any sky diving stunts, and the tech bloggers are disappointed. "Samsung held an event for the Galaxy Note 2, which is a minor release and they had Kanye West performing," said VentureBeat's Sean Ludwig. Beyond the techno music, neon lights, and morning croissants, Microsoft didn't give us anything too flashy. Not even CEO Steve Ballmer lived up to expectations coming out on stage with his signature booming voice to fulfill his monkey boy role, but continuing the rest of his presentation in an inside voice. "I wish ballmer had come out running and screaming like he does in the YouTube videos," ABC News's Joanna Stern told me. Or as another person wearing a press pass said, "They brought all these people together for ... this?"

The lack of glitz didn't help the fact that Microsoft failed to calm us down about its confusing Windows 8 and the accompanying Surface tablet. "There are a lot of questions that still have to be answered. We aren't hearing much more about the apps, we were expecting more app partner announcements," VentureBeat's Devindra Hardawar told me. Though Microsoft flashed 60 of its thousands of apps on the screen, some of which Stern said are new, the company didn't talk them up. This little line didn't really help either: "More apps than any competing app store had at its opening."  Nor did we hear much about the difference between Windows 8 and the RT version. "The best thing I got out of this were the pictures." 


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