The Best Places to See the Storm Online

As the iPhone-ed masses witness Hurricane Sandy's wrath, the user-generated storm porn is starting to come in.

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As the iPhone-ed masses witness Hurricane Sandy's wrath, the web is full of user-generated storm porn. Not only is there something heroic about a regular risking the elements to capture a more dramatic shot than the pros, these amateur photos give us insight into what it's like out there. For our more visual readers, these sites provide the prettiest, least wordy, coverage of Sandy's wrath. For the latest updates on Sandy, check out The Atlantic Wire's live updates.


"The story of Hurricane Sandy told through Instagram," as it explains itself is a one stop shop for any and all Instagram filtered goodness related to the Hurricane. The site automatically re-posts pictures from Instagram with the corresponding Sandy #Hashtag. As Instagrammers are won't to do, along with classic storm-eats-city porn photos like the one to the right, we get a lot of people doing things indoors shots and empty supermarket shelves.


For those willing to do a little more guess and check searching, Hashgram allows for other Sandy related hashtag searchers. While Instacane will generate anything tagged #Sandy or #Instacane, a #Frankenstorm search on Hashgram surfaces more filtered photos of cloud covered city-scapes and flooded streets. People are getting creative with what to call this storm, so more creative tag searches might generate some gems.

TwitPic and Twitter Image Search 

For real time updates, TwitPic sifts through Twitter for photos uploaded with its service. It doesn't get everything because not everyone uses TwiPic to post. Twitter also has its own image search, by hashtag. There it puts together a slideshow of all images posted to from any service, like the one below of the Battery Park esplanade filling up.


Less real-time focused, Flickr provides a broader view of Sandy, showing last few days of damage, in the Caribbean. Major organizations like the United Nations, also use Flickr for their updates, so it's a good place to see the relief effort attempts in places the storm has already passed.

Wind Map

This isn't user generated, but this simple visualization of the country's wind patterns is a personal favorite picture of today's weather. As you can see from this screen shot from around 9:45 a.m. on Monday morning, the East Coast is basically a giant gust of wind right now.

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