Apple Is Pulling an October Surprise with the iPad Mini

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Apple is totally psyching everyone out with its iPad Mini launch, for which the supposed release date keeps getting changed. First it was maybe going to come with the iPhone 5 last month, then the rumorers told us to prepare for an October 10 event. That date has passed, and now AllThingsD's John Paczkowski's sources are saying we should expect an October 23 due date. That would mean the event will fall on a Tuesday, which is not a Wednesday, the usual day Apple holds its product extravaganzas. Considering all the trickstering the company has done with this tablet release, however, we wouldn't put it past them to pull something like that. Those apparent photos we saw the other day, sure make it look like the tablet is enough finished for the 23rd. Cases are even available now. And maybe Apple decided to pick the later date, as it falls two days before Microsoft's tablet announcement. Even though the Surface is supposed to be an expensive gadget, likely to compete with the big iPad, rather than this cheaper Mini iPad, perhaps Apple wants to do some media thunder stealing? (Kind of how Google did it to them, holding their Maps event a week before Apple's.) Anyway, last week, some people said factories were ramping up production for an October release—we've already mentally prepared for a new baby-tablet this month, so we're going to go with ten days from now. 

For those getting restless with all this waiting and time-changing, the rumor mill has continued giving us goodies to insert into our little-iPad fantasies. In addition to its 7.85-inch liquid-crystal display with a lower resolution, the cheaper tablet is also supposedly WiFi only. It will likely have that little dock connector and look like this.

If this event does happen on the 23rd, the Internet can expect the invites to go out on Monday. Hopefully by then, we can rest easy that this thing is for real happening in the 10th month of 2012. 

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