Apple Loses Another Round In Its Patent Battle with Samsung

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A UK court has handed Apple another defeat in one of its many legal fights with Samsung, forcing the iPad maker to prepare ads admitting that their rival did not copy their designs. On Thursday, the Court of Appeals upheld a judgment from earlier this year stating that Samsung's Galaxy Tab tablet had not violated any of Apple design patents, famously offering as proof that fact that Samsung's products "are not as cool" as the iPad.

Not only does these rulings mean that Samsung's product can continue to be sold and compete with Apple in the UK market, but the American company has to run newspaper and web ads affirming the ruling and publicly admitting that Samsung didn't steal from them. The judge even specified the font size—no smaller than 14-pint Ariel—just to make sure everyone can see it. 

Earlier this month, Samsung won a similar ruling in the United States that will keep its tablets on the market, but is still fighting back against a $1 billion judgment in Apple's favor regarding several of Samsung's smartphone.

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