Twitter's Big Announcement: You Get a Slightly Bigger Profile Picture

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After hyping a "big announcement" yesterday, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo appeared on Today to unveil a new look for the social media platform featuring bigger photos and a more "personal" profile and complete overhaul of the iPad design--all of which Costolo says should go into effect today. With all the hype, we thought there'd be something amazing, like a retweet button with better options or streamlining those ".@inserttwitterhandle" messages, and we got ... big pictures.  As you can see, Costolo and the six-year-old social media platform gave the Today show (and its anchors) the first overhaul (above). "New profiles also help you get to know people better through their pictures," reads the release. Hmmm. Right. We'd argue that tweets and that little bio line say a lot more about a person than their avatar, but hey, if you say so Twitter.  And according to the company's official release, you can now give yourself a bigger picture too: 

To upload a header photo from our mobile apps, go to the Me tab, click the settings button (gear), tap “Edit profile” and then “Header”. To upload a header photo from, go to Settings → Design, then scroll down to “Customize your own” and add a header photo.

Update: The release and Twitter's website mention don't mention to switch over via Twitter's website (they're really pushing tweeters to download the mobile apps that they've updated today), but as a commenter pointed out below, you can still switch over by going under settings › design › header. 

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