Today's Romance-of-Past-Technology Video

From someone I know in the high-tech world, this phone-video of the space shuttle Endeavor doing a fly-by near Moffett Field, not far from San Jose, about an hour ago. Among the things I love about this clip is that most of the people you see and hear are Google employees who flocked excitedly out of their offices to watch the flight.

For another video of how the shuttle and its mother-ship 747 get connected, see the photo and clips from the Atlantic's video channel a few months ago.

Bigger point: OK, maybe Newt Gingrich is never going to be president, but I bet that some national leader could get us excited about big, ambitious moves into space again. Just a thought. Thanks to TMF and KCMVB.

UPDATE: From someone in downtown San Francisco just now.

Thumbnail image for SFShuttle.JPG

Seriously, people like this stuff! Let's get America looking upward again. Thanks also to EBF.