No, the iPhone 5 Doesn't Have Laser Keyboard or Holograms

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While visiting with people already lining up for the iPhone 5 this week, a Fox New York 5 reporter mentioned all the cool things Apple's latest smartphone can do, like its laser keyboard and holographic images. They sound awesome, but unfortunately do not exist. About 45 seconds into the video below, our Fox newscaster declares the iPhone 5 is "sleeker, has a laser keyboard, holographic images, and other cool new features," citing false information from, according to TUAW's Michael Rose, is a year-old concept video from Aatma Studios, which makes all sorts of videos like these, according to its YouTube page. If the intrepid local Fox news team had dug a little deeper we may have gotten some futuristic fingerprinting technology (something that had been vaguely rumored) or wireless charging. 

To be fair, we understand why these features would appeal to the reporters putting together this segment. Unlike the actual phone, which doesn't offer any mind-blowing updates, this one with the holographic images and laser keyboard would better explain why people are waiting outside of Apple stores 5 days before the gadget goes on sale. 


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