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Lance Armstrong seemed to accidentally tweet his phone number to the world earlier, but once Deadspin got on the case it seems the tweet might all be part of a big joke. 

This is the original tweet, which is miraculously somehow still up, screen-capped in case does get taken down: 

Everyone on Twitter snickered, because we've all been there. A DM gone astray, out into the public for everyone to see. But after Deadspin decided to call the number just to see what Lance Armstrong's voicemail message sounds like, they discovered it wasn't his number at all. The plot thickens

It was the voicemail of one Tyson Laidler, who a quick search reveals to be a recent graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver. (The 778 area code is a BC exchange.) But wait. A tipster points out that the exact same phone number was tweeted in July, by one Ty Laidler. And this Ty Laidler claims to be a member of the Canadian Air Force. 

Why Armstrong would be giving someone a BC number is another question entirely. The last time Armstrong had any significant tie to Canada was when he was still with Sheryl Crow in 2006. Armstrong was also the last person Laidler followed on Twitter, Deadspin notes, though Laidler's been on radio silence since August 31.  

Armstrong is in Texas for a charity fundraiser right now. He even tweeted about it later in the evening. But before that tweet ever happened, though, there was this ominous tweet from the former cycling champion:

Does this mean Armstrong was in on it? An elaborate wedding prank, perhaps? Or does someone else have access to Armstrong's account and they're operating simultaneously? The sleuths on Twitter are taking up the case, that's for sure. We'll take off our tinfoil hats long enough to say this: the plot thickens. 

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