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Despite Eric Schmidt saying Google isn't doing a Google Maps app for iPhone on Tuesday, that doesn't appear to be the case. The Google Maps app is coming, according to new reports, and it could be in the app store before Christmas. 

"We have not done anything yet," Google's Eric Schmidt said earlier Tuesday. All the signs pointed to Schmidt telling the truth, too. By Tuesday evening, the Verge reported that Apple caught Google by surprise when they announced they were doing their own map app in June, but there was a Google app in development. It might take "several months," but it's coming. The New York Times reported Tuesday evening that Google is hoping to get their new Maps app out by the end of the year, maybe even on time for Christmas morning. One of the hold ups is they're trying to merge Google Maps and Google Earth so the new app can have 3D maps like Apple's app does, among other cool features. 

Because the break-up was so abrupt, it didn't give Google a lot of time to turn around and develop a Maps app before the iPhone 5 shipped. There was a year left on the contract between Google and Apple, but Apple wanted the control to the whole app itself. This is what happens when you get (map) greedy. We can't have nice things

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