The iPhone 5 Keeps Breaking Sales Records

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Apple sold over 5 million iPhone 5s after its first three days in stores, breaking last year's iPhone 4S record of 4 million over the first weekend. It has been a week of records for Apple, as that follows the fastest ever pre-order sales and the highest ever first day pre-orders. (Two million phones, double the previous numbers.)

Despite the tepid reception of the phone from reviewers, it's not too surprising that Apple is selling lots of phones faster than ever. Analysts predicted this would happen, putting first weekend sales numbers between 5 and 6 million. Plus, as we've seen before, consumers don't much care about how disappointed insiders are with the upgrade. Though we have to say that we are surprised that people are still clamoring to get the phone after the highly publicized Maps debacle. But, hey, we guess having the latest iPhone trumps having a Maps app that works.

Speaking of that Maps stuff, given all the negative energy around the company because of the sad app, Apple can shove this latest bit of good news in Google's face. The stock has yet to react positively, however, trading down two percent pre-market. There is also one other person who might be secretly rejoicing in the news: Numbers like these are bound to help the American economy, which in turn could help a certain someone's reelection efforts, they say.

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