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After almost an entire year of iPhone rumors, the tech whisperers have told us what to expect from today's event, which we think gives us a pretty good idea of what Apple will deliver. Per usual, these are more like suggestions than fact, but they are all we have to prepare in the long months between one iPhone announcement and the next. To get the best guestimate of how exactly Tim Cook and company will blow our minds this afternoon, we've decided not to conjecture ourselves, but to look to our tech blogger rumormongers. As they are the ones who pour over these things with their sneaky anonymous sources, we should theoretically take their ideas as more true than anyone else's. Plus, they're all we have. 

Though we go into this Apple moment, like any other, without much actual information, this time around, our rumormongers sound more assured than they did before the iPhone 4S launch, with headlines like "The Not So Secret iPhone 5: What to Expect from Apple's Event," from GigaOm. We'll see just how secret Apple kept things after today's announcements. But, until then, we give you the most likely of iPhone rumors, from most expected to least expected, compiled from iPhone 5 rumor roundups from around the tech blogoworld. 

As you can see, our blogger soothsayers are expecting a redesign of the phone, with a bigger screen, a different dock that will match the likely thinner build. It will also have a different two-tone design that they think will look like this. Perhaps the most debated upon feature is the name, which some hope will drop the number. But because of the event invitation, which had a big 5 on it, others aren't so sure. Not pictured on our chart, some suspect we might see other gadgets today. Like, Wired's Christina Bonnington predicts a 99 percent chance of new iPods. There are also whisperings of an iPad Mini debut, but because of a rumor a few weeks ago, most of the bloggers say not to expect it at today's event. But, who knows, maybe that's today's big surprise. 

Once we have the real deal from Apple, we'll see how well the rumor mill did this time around, using our grading system. Until then, have fun salivating over the possible dream iPhones we'll have by the end of the day. 

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