Google Glasses Even Look Creepy on Fashion Models

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If Diane Von Furstenberg models look like creepy futuristic cyborgs while wearing Google's Glass goggles, we're not too hopeful for the rest of us. During her New York Fashion Week runway show on Sunday, Furstenberg had her models don the gadget of the future to compliment the clothing, as "her clothes, like the ultralight frames, were about style and comfort," explains On The Runway's Eric Wilson. Beyond fashion, Furstenberg also wanted to use the glasses to "use this revolutionary technology to give everyone a unique perspective into fashion," she said in a statement to ABC News. We're not sure she succeeded in either case. 

From our Project Runway marathon days, we know the runway doesn't reflect exactly what will appear in stores and on the streets -- it's supposed to be a higher level of fashion. Things often look weird. But, we still can't picture those Glass goggles on the same people who want to sport versions of those DVF dresses -- a.k.a "cool" people. Even if the frames didn't look like something out of Star Trek, as the Huffington Post's Ellie Krupnick points out, they aren't even close to trendy. "Didn't anyone mention to Brin that it's chunky plastic frames, not delicate wire rims, that are in these days?" Even on the world's most beautiful, we can't help but associate Glass with Seven of Nine, the borg from Star Trek: Voyager. Does anyone really want to look like a half-robot half woman? She is gorgeous. But she is also part machine. Think about it. 

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As far as the technology part, it doesn't sound too revolutionary either. Some models turned on the camera function to record what it's like to walk the runway. Mashable's Lauren Indivik has a screen grab from that, which shows us some shaky footage of the back of a model. Furstenberg herself (pictured below, via Reuters) also wore the goggles, and will release her footage via the film "VF through Glass," which will presumably give us her literal perspective on the show. That sounds a bit more useful for those who didn't get a front seat at the show. Still, bottom line: The glasses look weird on even the most beautiful of humans. 

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