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Apple has sent out invitations confirming its rumored iPhone (and maybe iPad) event this month with two telling numbers on it: 12 and 5. The 12 is for the date, September 12, which was the day that many major publications had sources telling them we were going to see some iAnnouncements. So good job sources, you were right on that one. The 5, however, is a little more mysterious, as Apple event invites tend to be. But we have an educated guess, like an iPhone 5 perhaps? Even though some have suggested that Apple will ditch the numbers for this phone. Apple has already told us the new iOS that we will probably see that day is called iOS 6, with a 6 not a 5 so this is probably an iPhone5. Right? Or maybe not. Either way: Brace yourselves. 

You should also prepare for an iPad Mini announcement, which is the other rumor floating around these days. But don't put your full Apple battle face on, some people who generally have solid information about these things have suggested that this gadget will get its only little event. But, unlike this confirmed event, all of this is still rumored, so to be safe, just prepare for a lot of new somethings, that probably have i's in front of their names, one week from today. 

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