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As we noted today, many in the tech world are calling for airlines to allow passengers to use gadgets during takeoff and landing. Over my dead body, says one of our commenters. 

Mandycat writes

This article fails to mention another serious risk associated with letting people use their cell phones while in the air: that someone like me will wrench her tray table off its hinges and beat the person sitting next to her into insensibility after having listened to 51 minutes of "It was, like, awesome.  And he was all, like, no way and I was like WAY, dude ......."

Getting stuck on a long flight next to a chatterbox who inexplicably has crystal clear reception at a 20,000 feet does sound like quite the nightmare. But look it at this way: in this no-gadgets-barred in-flight utopia, you could always just plug in your headphones. Even during landing and take-off. 


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