All the Latest from Apple's Big iPhone Event: The Bigger iPhone 5, Prettier iTunes, and Better iPods

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Finally, Apple has confirmed what we already knew, introducing us to the iOS6 equipped iPhone 5, a thinner, lighter version of its phone, with a bigger 4-inch screen. 

The iPhone 5

New Skinnier, Lighter, Bigger Design: It is pretty much what everyone expected: "It is made entirely of glass and aluminum. It's designed and built to an exacting level of standard unlike anything we, or anyone in our industry, have made before," explains Phil Shiller on stage. It has that two toned design everyone expected, with the metal back and the glass outlines. It comes in both black and white. It is also thinner, at 7.6 mm, which also makes it 112 grams. The screen is that bigger 4-inches, too, that gives it a fifth row of icons, shows more mail, and perhaps most sensibly, the calendar now shows a full five day work week. 

Better Screen: The bigger 4-inch screen has a 6:9 aspect ratio, which Shiller ensures us looks better. They also made it more touch sensitive. "This is the most accurate display in the industry. The touch sensors are integrated right into the display itself. We removed a layer and made it sharper. This is the world's most advanced display, and I couldn't be prouder of it," he said. 

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Faster 4G LTE Service -- Globally: The iPhone will run the LTE network On AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, in the U.S., as well as a whole bunch of other countries around the world. Apple also claims the WiFi will work faster, too. 

Upgraded A6 Processor: This will have twice as fast CPU as well as graphics, Apple claims. It's also smaller, which helped slim down the overall build of the phone. 

Better Battery with Longer Battery Life: Not only does the new battery compensate for the LTE, Apple says it will offer 8 hours of 3G or LTE talk time or browsing and 10 hours on WiFi browsing. The iPhone 4S has the same amount of talk time, but only 6 hours of Internet use on 3G, 9 hours of Internet use on Wi-Fi.

Newer, Smaller Camera: It's 25 percent smaller and enhanced it by adding a dynamic low light mode, precision lens alignment, and a sapphire crystal. It has some other cool feature, including Panorama, which takes those lengthy scenery shots that look so beautiful. 

Face Time HD: With this phone, users can not only FaceTime over wireless, but the picture will look better. 

Littler "Lightning" Dock Connector: This update has the peanut gallery a little worried with Jeff Jarvis tweeting "Apple: 'We have a new connector' = GM: 'We have a new brake pedal.'" Apple justifies the move because of changing times and will accommodate those of us with bigger connectors with adapter accessories. Though that didn't do it for The New York Times's Brian X. Chen. "Apple hasn’t given a clear sense of why it changed the connector, other than it being smaller. I’d assume it’s to make the battery larger, but I’m surprised there was no explanation of a real benefit, like faster data speeds,"  he wrote. 

Pricing:  Same pricing we saw from the iPhone 4S last year: 16 GB for $199, 32 GB $299, and 64 GB $399 -- with a two year contract. The 4S gets discounted to $99 for the 16GB, and the 4, is now free. The upgrade to iOS6 is free for us peons with the lowlier iPhone models.

Availability: Pre-orders start the 14th and September, ship one week later on the 21st, in the U.S.A. iOS 6 upgrades will happen starting September 19.

iOS 6

Apple already introduced the software back in June, so we know a lot of what's coming. But, we'll get the first look of the finished product on the new phone today. 

Apple Maps: This is the first software update without the Google made product. So far it has a lot of what we get with Google Maps. It has over 100 million point of interest searches, turn by turn directions, and a 3D mode. 

Smarter Siri: The bot now knows about sports and movies. It can even make reservations for you. 


Today we also got a new iTunes, a feature which we have wanted Apple to upgrade for awhile. The New York Times's Nick Bilton says "looks awfully similar to @Rdio," which is a compliment, we think.

iPod Nano 

Specs: It's 38 percent thinner than the previous iPod Nano. It comes in a bunch of pretty colors, it has better battery life, and a built in pedometer, which is perfect since working out is what people use Nanos for, right? It also has video capabilities, and works with that new (loathed?) Lightning dock connector. It's nothing too revolutionary, as it looks just like a Samsung product, as Buzzfeed's Matt Buchanan notes

Cost: For 16 GB, it costs $149. 

iPod Touch

Specs: This guys gets a lot of the same treatment as our new iPhone 5. It has the same size display as the new iPhone. It's lighter, thinner, and faster with an A5 processor. The touch also comes with an updated "more serious" camera, as The Times's David Pogue puts it. And it also boasts longer battery life, has that FaceTime HD, and the upgrade WiFi. One of the weirder add-ons is a strap that lets users attach it to their wrists as they are walking around. And bam: Those come in prettier colors, too. 

Cost: The older one for 16GB is $199. The new iPod touch, 32GB is $299.

EarPods: For our new gadgets, Apple gives us their new headphones, which have a name the Internet's loudest have already dubbed "dorky." (Take this satirical tweet from Wired's Mat Honan, predicting the naysaying, for example: "EARPODS IS A GREAT NAME YOU IDIOTS TIME AND @GRUBER WILL PROVE YOU WRONG.) After three years of engineering, Apple gives us a different shape that will fit better and "direct sound into the ear," which other headphones don't do? 

This afternoon's Apple phone extravaganza hasn't even started and we've gotten our first confirmed fact about the new phone: Its name. To the chagrin of some tech bloggers out there, Apple has stuck with numbers for this one calling it the iPhone 5 just as the invitation alluded, and now confirmed by the Apple website, Siri, and press releases. As 9to5mac discovered, when searching the Apple website for "iPhone 5," at least four articles, including official press releases, show up -- though they are not clickable. And, as you can see to the right, the always cheeky Siri sent The New York Times's Nick Bilton to the Apple site for his iPhone 5 inquiry.

Also within those secret searches, The Verge's Nathan Ingraham says the results suggest 4G LTE connectivity and iTunes 11 as well. The Wall Street Journal also confirms the iTunes, adding that those news releases also mention a new iPod nano and a new iPod touch. The official, from the mouth of the iMaker, announcements don't begin for another hour, where we will get the full rundown of what this new phone will do and look like. For that information, check back here, where we will be following the coverage and update with those facts. 

Another certain fact: The Apple store is updating itself, which it does before every big product release. In case you were thinking of buying something right now: You can't! The site gives the following message in a bunch of languages, at least 17 by TPM's Carl Franzen's count. 

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