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Following their $1 billion legal settlement, Apple listed eight Samsung products they want taken off the market. Now, still unsatisfied, Apple's adding two of Samsung's biggest products to their kill list. 

Apple Insider reports Apple has added the Samsung Galaxy S 3 and the Galaxy Note to their requested kill list. The complaint is separate from the settlement awarded a few weeks ago, so the judge can still rule against Apple here. Samsung could see a ban of some of the products and not others, depending on how the judge rules. Some of the phones on the original list were a few generations old, but taking them off the market would still hit Samsung's bottom line. The S 3 sold 10 million copies of the phone in its first three months on the market. It is Samsung's "flagship product," according to the amended complaint. The decision to add the Galaxy Note and S 3 to the kill list is notable, if only because Apple is slated to launch their new iPhone and a miniature iPad over the next two months. The S 3 is the iPhone's biggest threat in the market right now, and the Note would be one of the 8-inch iPad's biggest competitors. 

Here's a commercial for the S 3:

And here's a video for the Note with James Franco: 

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