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While there is a lot to complain about vis-a-vis Apple Maps, we, as Americans, should really be upset with the new iOS 6 app for what it has done to many of our nation's most notable landmarks. When Apple showed off its new 3D functionality coming to its iPhones in June, people oohed and ahhed at being able to virtually fly through city scapes. But now that people are downloading the company's replacement for Google Maps, which people are not happy about at all, the reality is not living up to the hype. To see what this new technology is like like, we went on a roadtrip to some of America's most famous landmarks in iOS 6. The results are not pretty.

Mount Rushmore No more iconic faces.


Lady Liberty What does this mean for liberty?


Brooklyn Bridge No longer operates as a bridge.


Washington Monument An earthquake couldn't, but Apple has.

Martin Luther King Memorial I have a blur.

St. Louis Arch A gateway to nowhere.

Golden Gate Bridge It was shown in the demo last June and looks just fine.

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