Amazon's Kindle Event: Better, Cheaper Screens and 4G LTE, Too

Amazon's Kindle bonanza event has delivered, as expected, new Kindles, with so many options: Cheap ones, ones with bright screens, ones with big screens, ones with HD screens, and ones with HD screens with 4G LTE.

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Amazon's Kindle bonanza event has delivered, as expected, new Kindles, with so many options: Cheap ones, ones with bright screens, ones with big screens, ones with HD screens, and ones with HD screens with 4G LTE. First up, we got the Kindle Paperwhite and updated Kindles. Now, we're on to the Kindle Fire line-up, which not only includes a 10-inch HD tablet, but a 4G LTE version, too.

Kindle Fire HD 4G LTE

Specs: Oh snap, ahead of the Apple, Amazon announced an HD version with 4G LTE, which is the much faster data plan that the iPad does have for such a low price*. It comes in a bigger 8.9 inch size, with the same HD specs as the new HD tablets, too, which includes a 1920x1200, 254ppi display. It also has that OMAP processor, which Amazon says outperforms the Tegra 3, which is in the Google Nexus 7.

Price: $499 plus the $49.99 per year to get the LTE service, which Amazon points out is cheaper than an Apple iPad deal. The deal includes 250 MB per month, which isn't so much, plus 20 GB of storage and a $10 app store credit. Though that's not that much data, as MG Siegler notes on Twitter. "Okay, but 250MB is like an hour of usage tops. For me anyway." But maybe for what you get it's a "great deal," argues Gizmodo's Sam Biddle notes. "$4 a month is NOTHING for email/a little bit of web everywhere you go," he wrote. It's unclear which carrier will provide the data plan, though Wired's Tim Carmody has sources telling him only AT&T will be on board.

Availability: Can order it now, but it won't ship until way far away on November 20.

Kindle Fire HD: 7 and 8.9 inch

Specs: This comes in both the regular 7 inch and 8.9 inch size and has an HD screen with 1920 x 1200 resolution and a 254ppi display. Bezos says the Kindle Fire HD is all about WiFi, so he put in a 5GhZ, instead of the "crowded" 2.4Ghz. It also has two antennas, which speeds things up. As for the processor, it has an OMAP 4470, which Amazon claims outperforms the Tegra 3, which is what is inside the Google Nexus 7, by the way. Amazon has also declared 8GB dead "for an HD device," starting the HD Kindle Fire at 16GB. They mentioned "excellent battery life," but the only quote we get is that the 7 incher gets 11 hours.

There are other nice features included, too. Like settings for kids called KindleFree time, which fixes a complaint people had the first iteration came out. It also has Whispersync -- which is a cloud synching service -- for games, so when you upgrade you don't lose your place. And also for audio books, to keep books versions and audio ones synced, which is pretty cool. And a feature called X-Ray, which it has for Movies and Textbooks that gives information about the things you read and watch.

Price: The 7 inch one actually isn't "more expensive" as Bezos warned, with it coming in at $199, which is what we used to pay for the normal screen Kindle Fire. The bigger one is also affordable in the scheme of things, coming in at $299.

Availability: You can order both today, the smaller one will ship next week on September 14, the bigger one not until the far away Christmas season date of November 20. (So far away!)

Kindle Fire Update

Specs: Same Kindle Fire you love, with a new 40-percent faster processor, twice as much RAM, overall better performance and longer battery life.

Price: Even cheaper than before, coming in at $159, instead of the $199, which makes the Nexus 7 not look so cheap anymore.

Availability: Order today, ships next week, on September 14.

Kindle Paperwhite

Specs: Like the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight, the device lets readers see when it's dark via a backlit screen. It's 9.1 mm thin, 7.5 ounces light and fits in one hand, as CEO Jeff Bezos showed while bringing it on stage. It's all touch, with no buttons on it at all. And, for all that swiping and reading, it has a sharper, higher definition screen, too, with 62 percent more pixels than the old one. And get this: It gets 8 weeks of battery life with the light turned on.

Price: The e-reader comes in a 3G model that will cost $179, or the WiFi only tablet comes at a more palatable $119.

Availability: It's available to order today, and ships in a few short weeks, on October 1.

Kindle Update

Specs: Same as the old model -- 6-ounces, Wi-Fi, and 6-inch E Ink screen -- but it also comes with new fonts, crisper text and 15 percent faster page turning.

Price: That gets a $10 discount, with it selling an ad supported model for $69 now.

Availability: Order today, get it that same October 1 day.

Kindle Singles

In addition to all of its new gadgets, Amazon announced a new serial publishing format called Kindle Singles. Like a Charles Dicken novel, the book comes out in mini installments.

Price: Readers pay for the whole series and, like a new podcast, the latest will update on the device.

*This post originally said the iPad did not offer the 4G LTE iPad.

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