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Tuesday's edition of Buzzfeed's semi-regular Tech Confessional column is a whopper: It's a chat with a guy whose job at Google was to look at all the child porn, beheadings, bestiality, and necrophilia that comes across the company's products. Does that make your job seem a little better?

As Buzzfeed's Reyhan Harmanci explains, somebody has to see that stuff before it gets erased, and this unnamed Google contract worker spent a year being Google's eyes on some of the most evil content around. Just hearing about the job is disturbing enough, but the angle of the interview, is that this poor guy didn't even get hired as a Google staffer after his year in hell, nor did Google offer much emotional support.

I had no one to talk to. I couldn’t bring it home to my girlfriend because I didn’t want to burden her with this bullshit. For seven, eight, nine months, I was looking at this kind of stuff and thinking I was fine, but it was putting me in a really dark place.

Google got someone from a federal agency to talk to me, and that’s when it occurred to me that I needed therapy. She showed me photos of seemingly innocuous activities (kind of like a modified Rorschach test) and asked me for my first visceral reaction. I was like, “That’s fucked up!” It was just a father and a child.

Read the whole gory thing over at Buzzfeed.

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