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You can stop worrying now, because we know you were so concerned that you stopped doing work all day and stared at gymnastics GIFs to make yourself feel better, but you can stop that now: New York Times's gadget reviewer David Pogue's iPhone has been found. Call it a slow news day, or an easy way to make fun of a nerdy tech writer, but after Pogue posted a totally unnecessary post about his lost iPhone Thursday morning, certain quarters of the Internet got a little obsessed with sleuthing this one out. Gizmodo ran an up-to-the-minute live-blog of the events, even calling the police to help Pogue out while the rest of the Internet (BuzzFeed, Popular Science, and Twitter) waited for what could have been an unfortunate outcome. Pogue even got in on the Gizmodo comments to talk it out. But, as you can see to the right, The Prince George's County, MD police department has his found and he will get it in the mail tomorrow. Phew.

What have we learned from this? Two things: If you are a tech columnist and get the entire Internet to care about your lost phone, maybe you will actually get it back. And, two, Gizmodo has come a long way in its relationship with stolen iPhones, as Business Insider's Steve Kovach points out

I believe we can officially say all is right in the world of iPhones, blogs, and technology.

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