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With Marissa Mayer comfortably installed as Yahoo's new CEO, the search has now begun for a new COO to act as Mayer's right hand. 

AllThingsD's Kara Swisher reports Yahoo's begun head hunting for a new COO to be the ying to Mayer's creative yang. See, Mayer focuses on new products and doesn't have time for the boring business stuff. She's an idea woman! Spreadsheets don't even exist in Mayer's world. That's why she needs a Mussolini-type to "be responsible for making the trains run on time on the business side of Yahoo," Swisher explains. We can tell you which free agent it probably won't be: the recently departed former Yahoo CEO Ross Levinsohn. He didn't have anything lined up when he left, but Swisher points out the financial side of Yahoo needs to be seriously reorganized, which probably means layoffs. Levinsohn is the guy who led News Corp.'s $580 million in 2005, so maybe he's not the best candidate for this Yahoo gig. 

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