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Last time we checked in with Kim Dotcom, we saw some video that resembled an action movie of the raid on his compound. Today, Dotcom is embracing the role of super villain and promising a "bigger," "better," world-changing MegaUpload, more or less letting out a maniacal Mwahahahahah.  Dotcom sent out this tweet this morning:

Cue: Thunder clap.

That menacing-sounding tweet really fits in nicely with how over-the-top ridiculous and made-for-a Michael-Bay-movie the Dotcom story has gotten. Earlier this month, video revealed police (possibly abusing their power) raiding the Dotcom complex with helicopters, attack dogs, and special tactics teams to apprehend Dotcom, five Filipino women and three children. But in reality what Dotcom is alluding to a new MegaUpload that he had been promising since July, as  as Torrent Freak's 'Enigmax' reports. Which means we get awesome quotes like this call for X-men developers: 

What will that entail? Well, "non-US hosters will be able to connect servers & bandwidth," for one thing, and "one-click-encryption of ALL your data transfers." Dotcom also provided this e-mail: "" for developers who were ready for world domination.

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