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Update: The big number that everyone was waiting for? $1,051,855,000. That's how much the jury decided Samsung owes Apple for its patent infringements. The New York Times has its early analysis here, and The Wall Street Journal's is here.

Update: The verdict is still being read, but so far, Apple is winning big as the jury has decided that Samsung infringed on more than one of its patents. The Verge's live blog is still the best place to follow the details

The court has reached a verdict in the Apple Samsung patent trial after just one day of deliberation. We're still waiting on the actual findings, but whatever the jury has found will be very confusing and messy, according to what we learned from The Verge's Nilay Patel, who walked us through the 18 questions the jury would have to answer and the various outcomes. The very basics of the trial, which went on over the last few weeks, however, involve various patent-infringement claims. If you're looking to catch-up, AllThingsD's Ina Fried put together a "definitive guide." As for the actual verdict. The Verge has a live blog that's constantly updating.

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