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The Curiosity rover's Twitter account can be a little strange. This week she was girl-talking with Britney Spears and talking space travel with Nancy Sinatra. So, we have to ask, who makes the better friend for Curiosity?

It was Spears who initiated her friendship with the rover earlier Wednesday when she asked whether the weather on the red planet had changed in the 12 years since Spears last visited:

This is where we have to disappoint you and tell you that, no, Britney Spears has never been to Mars. She's talking about the video for her 2000 hit 'Oops... I Did It Again," where she danced in the Power Rangers' home base on Mars before falling in love with an astronaut. Warning: don't watch this unless you're prepared to be humming it for the rest of the day.

It would be rude if the rover ignored such a modest question from a former queen of pop, so Curiosity reported back that things are great on Mars, but her love life could use some work:

We're rooting for you, gal. 

On Friday night, she made another famous new friend. The Curiosity team revealed the playlist they use to wake her up every day included no-brainer 'Come Fly With Me' by Frank Sinatra during their Reddit AMA. Sinatra's daughter Nancy, herself a pretty successful singer, thanked Curiosity for listening to her pop's old songs:

It's because they share similar interests, as Curiosity pointed out:

As much as we want to root for Sinatra here, Spears is the better BFF choice. Curiosity's a bigger fan of Sinatra's dad. Spears is closer in age, and it's hard to beat two girls bonding over boys. Sorry, Nancy. The picture above is one of the best pictures of Mount Sharp Curiosity has sent back yet. It seems things are going alright up there. 

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