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Following reports that hackers got 453,000 Yahoo passwords, Rebecca Greenfield noted that "dumb" passwords are sometimes smarter than overly complicated ones. Our commenters had a few thoughts of their own about safeguarding your online presence. 

BettyBlueEyes warned readers not to make the bone-headed mistake of writing your password on a sticky note at your desk. Commenter Zak Bickel had this to say about her advice: 

Right, but the point of a password is generally to protect against someone hacking into your accounts online.. if they're in your house, rifling through your sticky notes, I'd suggest that your bigger problem is that a tech-savvy robber has broken into your house and is probably going to steal your computer. 

The moral? Keeping a lockdown on your Internet privacy is critical these days, but don't forget about locking the doors to your IRL home too. 

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