Social Media Power Rankings: Durex Knows People Like Orgasms

Jack Daniels and Sears got all patriotic on us, while Durex was just Durex and rode a sexy idea up the ranks.

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The social media sphere is an increasingly noisy place, especially for brands. But hiding somewhere in the static are strong signals from companies reaching their customers in innovative ways. The Social Business Index from Dachis Group provides a (free) real-time ranking of more than 30,000 global brands based on their social performance. Every week we're taking a tally of who's getting heard, what they're saying, and why it matters.

Finally we have some movement in the top three. As you can see, top-five mainstay News Corp. took a tumble--no we're not sure if this was due to the announcement of Murdoch and Co. spinning their publishing business into a new company, but it did open up spots for Zynga and NBC to sneak into the top four. With the Olympics on the way, NBC looks to be in great shape to make a run at the top spot. Here are some of the most notable movers this week:

You probably wouldn't know what the Reckitt Benckiser group was if we told you on the street.  And we don't blame you (hint: neither would we). What this UK consumer goods company is responsible for, as the Dachis Group's Allison Squires tells us, are products ranging from Lysol to Durex condoms--both of which moved Reckitt up in the social media ranks this week. And Lysol, shmysol, we wanted the details on the condoms. "Contributing to the brand's rise on the index was Spain's Durex Love Sex Facebook page, for sharing the six phases your body travels through when having an orgasm," Squires told us. "While many confirmed the validity of the 6 phases, others asked (via a comment) for someone to test the theory with them."

"Brown-Forman and its liquor brand Jack Daniels had something extra to celebrate this Independence Day with a 13 spot jump in the Social Business Index rankings to 118 overall," Dachis' Brian Kotlyar told us. While we usually think good time and regret are integral parts of JD's brand, it was actually their independence and freedom-inspired posts that got a lot of people talking. Basically Jack Daniels' had been uploading photos (like this one) toasting freedom to the tune of over 9,000 shares and 42,000 likes. And, Kotlyar also points us to this pretty "American Spirit" microsite the liquor company launched to honor our armed forces--which also scored them social media points, proving that there are other things that go well with Jack besides Coke.

It's sort of funny that Sears, where you can find almost anything you ever wanted, moved up this week thanks to one of the few products they don't sell.  "Their Facebook page is always full of engaging images that provoke interesting discussion and debate among their 1.8 million fans, but engagement this past week was particularly high," Squires tells us, but in particular, it was this photo of a sparkler got them some 37,000 likes and almost 3,000 shares of Facebook, adding more evidence to the theory that we just really really sparkly things.

Methodology: A project of the Dachis Group, a social business professional services group, the Social Business Index analyzes the conversations on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others. The index, which currently covers approximately 25,0000 companies and 27,000 brands, detects behaviors and activities exhibited by these companies and analyzes their execution and effectiveness at driving outcomes such as brand awareness, brand love, mind share, and advocacy. The Atlantic Wire takes a snapshot of the rankings at the end of the day on Sundays

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