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On Friday Uber, the car service app that Washington, DC almost pushed out of the city, will offer an ice cream truck version of its service, which not only sounds dreamy but has us dreaming about other things we would like to Uber. The ice cream experiment works pretty much like the taxi-replacement app, leading us to believe Uber could extend this things-on-wheels delivery service beyond just cars and cold treats. With the tap of the app, a truck will deliver bulk ice cream to a specified locale, for a little bit more money than a get-it-yourself-service. Imagine what other stuff you might pay a little extra to tap and get -- we are!

  • Groceries. Sometimes we want our food stuffs delivered to other places besides our homes. At The Atlantic Wire's D.C. home in The Watergate, we¬†used to have a Safeway right downstairs before it went away to grocery store heaven. It was so convenient to have unprepared food right there as a cheaper, healthier option to going out to eat. Now that Safeway is gone (R.I.P), we would love to Uber us some groceries. Beyond getting sandwich makings for workday lunches, this might also prove useful for groups of friends found suddenly, without food, in a park with grills. The same goes for picnics.
  • Food trucks. Wouldn't it be nice not to be beholden to a food truck Twitter account for when and if a trendy and delicious lunch option will come to your hood? We say yes. Also, think about this possibility: Uber Food Trucks -- Not Just for Lunch Time Anymore. If food trucks parked outside of commercial neighborhoods, we would choose these affordable and delectable eats for many of our meals.
  • Booze. As liquor carts don't exist anymore (to men trying to pull some Don Draper act: it's not working), this is more of a far-off dream than the food options above. But, how often are we in need of liquor and nowhere near a store. We can think of about 1,000 specific times we wish we had a beer with no provider in site. As for logistics, if food trucks can have liquor licenses, we imagine Uber for alcohol is legally feasible, too.
  • Bike share bikes. These things are only as useful as the closest bike station. But, to have a set of wheels available wherever would make the service more attractive. Plus, if the app also picked up the bike that would eliminate fighting and disappointment over unavailable docking station slots. As we have seen with Uber, people will pay for a little traveling convenience.

These are just some things that already have wheels that we would pay a premium to have delivered. But maybe you have other, better ones?


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