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Just as mysteriously as the @ReutersHulk twitter account disappeared the other week, it has returned to Twitter, with not even its creator having any explanation for its resurrection. Margarita Noriega, the parody account's creator, learned about its return from a tweet by Reuters social media person Matthew Keys, Noriega told The Atlantic Wire via e-mail. She also said that she got no explanation from Twitter. When reached out to Twitter for some clarity, they directed us to this support page, which outlines an appeal process with the following information:

To expedite your appeal process, please be sure to note that your account is currently suspended. If your account was suspended for aggressive following behaviors, you'll need to confirm that you've removed all prohibited following automation from your account, and will stop any manual aggressive following behavior. You can find information on following automations and permitted following behaviors on the Following Best Practices help page.

While trying to find out what happened to her account, Noriega mentioned she went through the process to see what had happened to her Internet joke. So maybe that did the trick. Plus, the account got suspended for getting a little @-friendly, a sin for which we're sure Noriega has repented. Either way, the all caps meta-account has returned for your internet enjoyment.

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