The Most Common Complaints About the Google Nexus 7

With the Google Nexus 7 shipped and out of the box (hopefully!), users have had enough time with the device to notice the kinks.

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With the Google Nexus 7 shipped and out of the box (hopefully!), users have had enough time with the device to notice the kinks. Reviewers who spent time with the tablet found the initial experience delightful, especially for $200. But now that the people have gotten their hands on the device, some issues have started to surface. Here's what to expect and some possible fixes.

Loose Screen

The problem: The screen doesn't quit fit on the device, with some users noting a slight raise between the glass and the device. One new Nexus 7 owner cites a "slight squishy creek." Others have just noticed a separation between the glass and the bezel on the left side of the device.

The fix: Short of taking the thing back, one user on the XDA Developers forum suggests tightening the screws with this manual fix:

I removed the back casing, which is very easy to do. I used a small flat screwdriver where the "leather" meets the plastic and gently wedged it in. The case popped right open and was easily removed. I then tightened all of the small phillips screws around the outside of the board on the back of the screen.

Though, another who had a similar suggestion has said that hasn't worked for everyone. And some said it worked for awhile, but then the problem returned.

Slow Charging

The problem: Some users have complained that it takes the tablet awhile to charge, one saying it took 7 hours to charge.

The Fix: Beyond acceptance, which some have resorted to saying "bigger gas tank takes longer to fill," others reported that the charge time decreases over time. And, if that still doesn't do the trick, try a different charger, suggests another.

Funky Backlight

The problem: As you can see from the photos here, there's some back-light bleeding happening on the left side of the tablet. Here's how one user explains what it looks like:

I can pretty much see exactly where each light is shining from and it creates bright spots on the left of the screen. Add to that, it appears some of the backlights aren't even working as the lower half of my screen is dark most of the time and there are gaps in the lighting.

Others have had more serious backlight issues. Some note a flickering, where the backlight will only stay lit if the left side is pressed, as this YouTube video shows..

The fix: Given all that left-side talk, this sounds like it has something to do with the overall screen problem. Some suggest the same unscrew fix. Others just say "pressing hard" works. While the desperate have resorted to sending it back.

Defective Speaker

The problem: Users complain of too low volume and crackling noises.

The fix: So far, none.

Non-working Microphone

The problem: Many have said the microphone will not pick up sound.

The fix: There is the old all-purpose on-off trick, which some have said worked. Or, there is this stranger fix: "Put your lips over the mic hole and gently suck for a second or two, this fixed mine," wrote Junior Member on the XDA Developers forum. For those who have gotten through to Google, representatives say the mic is defective and have sent replacements.

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