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After making a big to do out of its Made in America Nexus Q, an iFixit teardown has found some un-American parts in Google's streaming media device -- the day after America's birthday no less. 

The teardown doesn't give an official country of origin for each of the parts, but the people who do this to every gadget out there say the ethernet port and optical-out connector could only have been imported from China and Japan, respectively. And that the Samsung 16GB moviNAND Flash Memory module may have come from Hwaseong, South Korea. That still leaves enough American hardware to get that "made in America" stamp, which Google ought to use to win over buyers. But for those looking to get something not made in a Foxconn dystopian factory, this finding does tarnish that image we had of the red-white-and blue star spangled insides of the Nexus Q.

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