Fixing the Most Common Complaints About Mountain Lion OSX

It's been about one week since Apple put out its new Mountain Lion operating system, which is just enough time for people to start noticing the kinks. 

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It's been about one week since Apple put out its new Mountain Lion operating system, which is just enough time for people to start noticing the kinks. Thanks to the three million plus users who downloaded the operating system within the first few days, the hesitant among us can learn from their mistakes.

Safari Crash

The Problem: On first look, reviewers like Safari. For example, Gizmodo's Kyle Wagner pointed it out as one of the best features, telling readers "you might actually want to use Safari now." But, all that beautiful functionality doesn't count when the browser constantly crashes, as many users have reporter, according to CNET's Topher Kessler.

The Fix: Kessler says it has to do with people using the service 1Password, which aggregated users passwords in one place. The 1Password people have posted a fix for that involves disabling a proxy server, which worked for other people having the issue who don't use 1Password.

Battery Life

The Problem: A similar issue to what happened last year with Lion upgrades, some user have complained of 50 percent worse battery performance, notes Forbes' Tim Worstall. "I upgraded to Mountain Lion and now my battery life is about half of what it was before upgrading," writes JPengland.

The Fix: Apple didn't fix the Lion issues, and there is a lot of confusion in the Apple forums. Though one person suggests waiting it out. "If you've just upgraded, there is a lot going on. Give your system a little time to 'settle down' first. Battery performance under Mountain Lion should be similar to what you were getting with Lion," wrote JoeyR. Others suggest checking the activity monitor to see what background processes might be running, or doing a disk check.

The 'Save As' Button Is Hiding

The Problem: This is more of a style annoyance than a glitch. But, useful information for those looking to upgrade. To the ire of some of its users, Apple got rid of the "save as" option in Lion, replacing it with a confusing "duplicate." With Mountain Lion, Apple has brought those two familiar words back. However, the feature is still shamefully hidden behind a sub-menu.

The Fix: To put it back where it belongs, TUAW's TJ Luoma suggests users "remap 'Duplicate' to something else, and restore Command+Shift+S back to its rightful spot as 'Save As...,'" he writes, which involves making a new shortcut for the two commands. He has a pictured explanation of how to do that on his blog. A commenter also explains how to hide "Duplicate" altogether:

If you remap "Duplicate" to "Shift+Command+Option+S" then "Duplicate" will be hidden (until you hold down the Option key) and "Save As..." will still be shown. That is even better because then I don't even have to see the Duplicate command, unless I want to use it, which I never will.

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