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Apple and Twitter have a great relationship. Their relationship is so great, in fact, that Apple executives have spoken with Twitter about making an investment somewhere in the hundreds of millions of dollars range. 

The New York Times' Nick Bilton and Evelyn M Rusli report the two companies have had talks about Apple making a potential investment into the social media company. Bilton and Rusle report the two companies aren't negotiating right now, but it's an idea that's been tossed around over the last few months. Their sources say the potential investment could value Twitter at over $10 billion. It should be noted the news comes on the heels of Facebook posting a record low stock price after a disappointing second quarter earnings report. Apple's relationship with Twitter is so great only because things didn't work out between Apple and Facebook. 

According to Bilton and Rusli, Apple had originally pursued Facebook to help with its terrible social network Ping, but the deal soured because Facebook's demands were "onerous." Apple had been preparing to integrate Facebook into iOS, but after the Ping deal went south they switched to Twitter. Now their relationship is so strong that Twitter features were built into Apple's latest operating system, Mountain Lion. On top of that, Twitter's assigned Kevin Thau, one of their vice presidents, to essentially work as their full-time Apple consigliere. 

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