This Is the Worst Story You'll Read Today

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Well, this will never be an ad for Join the site where people trusting enough to give complete strangers $25,000 can meet con artists happy to take advantage of them.

As if you weren't already skeptical of guys on dating sites, we have this story: Claudia LeBlanc a 56-year-old breast cancer survivor from Portsmouth, NH, met "Bennett Lawson" on the dating site and gave him incremental payments in the thousands of dollars for things like dynamite for Egyptian roadwork, $7,000 for laptops, and $2,000 for shipping his $5 million worth of gold, reports the Seacoast Online's Elizabeth Dinan. Worse? LeBlanc had only used the site for a week: "I'm a first-time user of online dating... All seemed well." Worse still: "Bennett" went by the screen name "honestman." All told, LeBlanc gave $25,000. She has filed a federal complaint but, according to Dinan, probably won't get the money back.

Amazingly, LeBlanc hasn't soured on love: "There's somebody out there for me, I just haven't found him yet."

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