Will Facebook Stock Turn Around This Year?

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Given Facebook's general downhill slide since its IPO, some analysts are being optimistic about the future of the stock. After a 40 day quiet period, these bank experts can now say what they think about the future of Facebook and the reviews are mixed, per round-ups all around the Web. The most positive outlook comes from Facebook lead underwriter Goldman Sachs, which gave the stock a "buy" rating, predicting the price will rise a full 10 points from today to $42 per share over the next year. Others have nice things to say, too with Royal Bank of Canada and Morgan Stanley giving performances that will put that stock above its IPO price of $38 dollars. Others, however, don't see much of an improvement over the next year, with multiple banks only seeing the price hit $35 per share.

Even with those kind words, however, Facebook's stock is nudging in the wrong direction, trading down for the day. Since its debut 4o days ago, it has seen a slight, baby recovery in the last few days, getting itself above founder Mark Zuckerberg's age -- where it hovered for a little while.

The thing is, Facebook still has yet to prove it can make money. Today we get another survey that says maybe Facebook ads make money, possibly, who knows. But that not only follows data that says the contrary, it also comes as Facebook botched another mobile effort with the short-lived friend finder and a lawsuit that has forced the social network to walk back its most genius ad strategy. Even with all of that going against Facebook, some banks have faith. "We believe that Facebook is uniquely positioned to leverage its large and highly engaged user base to monetize the mobile Internet," Morgan Stanley said, according to The Wall Street Journal's Peter Nurse.

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