Michelle Obama's Pinterest Page Is Surprisingly Personal

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By now you're probably wise to the fact that many celebrities' "official" Twitter and Facebook accounts are actually run by their handlers and their teams, and the FLOTUS isn't an exception. Which is why we were surprised that her newly-launched Pinterest account feels almost personal.     Similar to her official Twitter account, the "-mo" signature is the way you distinguish which pins the Michelle Obama posted personally. Going by that rule, it seems like the FLOTUS only composed seven of her tweets since the beginning of May (the account averages around two tweets per day, the majority coming from her staff). That's a different story with her Pinterest. Go check out her "Father's Day" pinboard, where "-mo" posted six of the album's seven pictures including this sort-of awesome candid of Barack: 

Sure, you might have seen some of the photos before but it's pretty cool knowing that they were handpicked by Michelle Obama. Unfortunately, the same can't be said of the "Great Memories" pinboard, which contains more posed images.

For the rest of the pictures head on over to the FLOTUS's Pinterest page

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