Larry Ellison Is So Rich He Can Buy Part of Hawaii

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Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is so rich he doesn't have to settle for some no name island off the coast of nowhere, he can buy up a well-known Hawaiian island off the coast of Maui. Or at least 98 percent of it, which, really, is the entire thing, isn't it?  According to The Wall Street Journal's Don Clark and Ben Worthen, Ellison bought the bulk of Lanai, the smallest island of Hawaii. Sure, it's  a measly 141-square-miles, but still, it's quite a purchase! This man is rich. So rich, that he ruined our potential joke, wondering if he had enough money to field an Olympic team on his recent acquisition. He already basically does that, per Clark and Worthen. "Mr. Ellison has bankrolled a sailing team—which won the most recent America's Cup with a giant trimaran—and has led an effort to bring that event to San Francisco in 2013," they write.

That's just the kind of thing you do when you're the third richest man in America, according to Forbes, which pegs the Island's price tag between $500 and $600 million. At least he's not keeping it a secret like some Silicon Valley billionaires.

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