Ford's 'Keyfree' App Is Something Apple Should Have Invented

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No, we don't really get why a car company like Ford is creating apps like "Keyfree", which allows you to login to your social networks on your Mac as long as your smartphone is nearby, but perhaps they should do it more often. "Ford Keyfree is a Chrome extension that stores passwords for Facebook, Google, and Twitter," explains Fast Company's Mark Wilson. "Then, whenever you’re near your Mac using a pre-approved smartphone, the app can 'unlock' these sites automatically via Bluetooth. Your phone serves as your ID, thanks to the unique identifiers already in Bluetooth."  And yes, we get the parallel to keyless entry for cars, but it all makes us wonder what else is Ford up to and what this car company has up their sleeves ... err.. consoles. For now, the app is only available in France, but here's a video to whet your APPetite (couldn't resist):

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