Do You Even Care If Someone Has Your LinkedIn Password?

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It looks like someone may have hacked 6.46 million LinkedIn passwords. And, well, no one seems worried. 

Well maybe a little. You could make an argument that any time a social network has that many passwords hacked it's news. And with how LinkedIn has touted its social media weight and growing membership numbers (131 million members last year according to Mashable), there's definitely some concern when an organization that big is hacked, if just for the simple fact that something that big should have better encryption for its users. So why are people like Reuters' Felix Salmon laughing? "If someone finds my LinkedIn password in that list, maybe they could tell me what it is?," he tweeted. That makes sense, since LinkedIn itself said most of its users don't even use the site. And we're wondering what exactly a hacker is going to do with all those dusty résumés?

All humor aside, if you're concerned and use your LinkedIn password for other things which you actually check on a daily basis, it might be a good idea to go through and change those passwords accordingly, since, if it's this easy to hack, this won't be the last time a cache of passwords will be grabbed.

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