Cell Phone Storage Trucks Aren't a Good Idea After All

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What could possibly go wrong with an unarmed truck advertising that it's holding hundreds of iPhones, iPods, and BlackBerrys? Well the fact that they become targets for would-be robbers might be one thing to think about. "Hundreds of Bronx high-school students are about to start summer vacation without their precious cellphones and iPods after three armed thugs stole the gadgets yesterday from a truck that stores them for about $1 a day," report The New York Post's Kirstan Conley, Kevin Sheehan and Dan Mangan

If you aren't familiar with this particular urban business, companies like Safe Mobile Storage and Pure Loyalty Device Storage have, per The New York Daily News, recently begun to charge kids to hold their devices while they're in class now that many schools have a ban on phones. The only problem is that these guys are running these operations out of converted U-hauls and trucks (not necessarily armored vehicles), and it was only a matter of time before robbers got hip to exactly how valuable these trucks or rather, the stuff that these trucks were storing, can be. 

The Post's team said the robbers held the storage workers at gunpoint and made off with "a couple hundred" phones. No word yet on anger level of the parents whose kids own those couple hundred phones (one kid worried that his mom was "going to kick my ass”), but the storage company's owner says he has insurance to cover the losses. But no amount of insurance can replace those poor kids' texts and photos. Those are priceless.

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