BlackBerry Maker Continues to Deteriorate

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The bad news keeps coming for BlackBerry maker Research in Motion, which is laying off up to 6,000 people as an attempt to save its dying company, according to Canadian paper, The Record. The company has been firing employees in batches of 10 over the last several weeks, The Wall Street Journal's Will Connors, but no matter how RIM does it—in dribs and drabs, or one huge staff reduction—6,000 layoffs looks like death. The depressing news, unfortunately, does not come as a surprise, as the company announced coming massive layoffs of its 16,500 person workforce at the end of May, just before giving us a whole bunch of other bad news.

While some might call this the end of RIM, the company hopes these drastic cost-cutting measures will bring about its comeback. These layoffs are part of a plan to save the company $1 billion by 2013. Not having to pay thousands of people will most definitely save RIM money, but will it help the company put out a product anyone wants to buy?

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