The Best Birthday Gifts You Can Give Your iPhone

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Today the iPhone turns the big 5 and like any birthday, the best part is presents. You probably totally forgot today was the iPhone's birthday and therefore also totally forgot to get it a gift. But that's okay! We have some ideas all ready for the taking.

Just look at how far the iPhone has come in its short life. It had a lot to live up to when it was first born ("Jesus phone") and not everyone was sure if it was going to meet the sky-high expectations. The early reviews worried about the too small keys, laughed about the horrible coverage, complained about the hard-to-find camera, noted the way high price tag and just all around hated the thing. Laugh with your iPhone — which has now generated $150 billion in revenue for Apple — about how wrong these people were and then do something special.

  • Get it a birthday suit. We don't know about you, but we like to look our best on our birthdays -- mostly because we know many Facebook photos will result from the event. Buy iPhone something special. Maybe one of these $1,100 custom designed cases. Or something less expensive -- but just as festive -- like this $25 cupcake case.
  • Make it a GIF. Everyone loves a good GIF. Buy one of those GIF apps and turn a birthday moment into a memory.
  • Feed it that cake up there. Or maybe not that cake because eating a cake of one's self is creepy. But cake is essential to birthday celebrations. Maybe order it one using the Seamless app, reminding it how essential it is to your life. While you're at it, auto-tune its birthday jingle with the T-Pain app.
  • Give it a break. We forget, but acting as our personal assistant, DJ, appointment book, mailman and personal social networker is a full time job. Why not give the guy a break on his big day? Give it some birthday charger juice and just let it be -- no tweeting, no texting, no Facebooking, no calling, no nada.


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